{Intro} A long, long time ago, this country was overrun by deep forests. Within these forests lived the gods of old.
{Title} Mononoke Hime
{Title} Presented by: Karinkuru Anime
{Title} Free Fansub: Not for Sale or Rent
{Ashitaka} Yakkuru!
{Girl} Ani-sama!
{Ashitaka} Good timing, Hi-sama is ordering everyone to go back to the village.
{Girl} Yes, Ji-sama also says so.
{Ashitaka} Ji-sama?
{Girl} He said that the forest is strange.
{Girl2} The birds all disappeared.
{Girl3} All the creatures have disappeared, too!
{Ashitaka} I see, I'm going to check on Ji-sama.
{Ashitaka} All right, everyone back to the village!
{Girls} Ok!
{Ashitaka} Something's coming...
{Ashitaka} What is it Ji?
{Ji} I don't know, it's not human.
{Ashitaka} Hi-sama called everyone back to the village.
{Ji} It comes!
{Ji} It's a Tatarigami!
{Ashitaka} Tatarigami?!
{Ashitaka} Yakkuru run!
{Ashitaka} It's headed towards the village. It's going to attack!
{Ji} Ashitaka!  Don't get near the Tatarigami! You'll be cursed if you do!
{Ashitaka} Yakkuru!
{Ashitaka} Calm! Calm down!
{Ashitaka} Why? Why must you, the accepted guardian god of the forest, rampage like this?
{Girl1} Monster!
{Girl} To the village!
{Ashitaka} Why do you attack this village?!
{Ashitaka} Stop! Calm yourself!
{Girl1} Hold on!
{Man1} He beat it!
{Girl} Ani-sama!
{Man} Get Hi-sama!
{Man} Put out the flames!
{Kaya} Ani-sama!
{Ashitaka} Kaya, don't get close to the wound.
{Man} Ashitaka is wounded, where's Hi-sama?
{Hi-sama} Everyone, don't get any closer to that wound.
{Kaya} Hi-sama!
{Hi-sama} Here, pour this water onto the wound.
{Hi-sama} Though I know not where you come from I bow before you...
{Hi-sama} and shall honor your death.
{Boar} Pathetic humans, you shall know of my suffering, when my wrath befalls you!
{Hi-sama} This has become quite a mess. The boar seems to have come from a country in the far west.
{Hi-sama} Driven mad by his fatal wounds, his flesh rotting away, he ran and ran, gathering a curse until finally he became a Tatarigami.
{Hi-sama} Ashitaka,
{Hi-sama} show everyone your arm.
{Man} Hi-sama!
{Hi-sama} Ashitaka, are you prepared to stare your own destiny in the eye?
{Ashitaka} Yes, I was prepared the moment I killed the Tatarigami with the bow.
{Hi-sama} Hmm... that wound will gradually eat to your bone, eventually killing you.
{Man} Hi-sama, isn't there anything that we can do?
{Man2} Ashitaka saved our village.
{Man3} To only sit and wait...
{Hi-Sama} No one can change their own fate. One can only the wait,
{Hi-Sama} or to take the initiative and face their own destiny as it comes.
{Hi-Sama} Everyone...
{Hi-Sama} This is the stone that came from the boar.
{Hi-Sama} It ripped its bones, tore the flesh, giving it pain and suffering,
{Hi-Sama} It is no wonder that the boar became a Tatarigami.
{Hi-Sama} There seems to something strange happening in the western lands.
{Hi-Sama} You must go westward, to see with unclouded eyes. And perhaps there, you may find the answer to your curse.
{Ashitaka} Yes.
{OldMan} Defeated in the war against Japan, we have hidden away in this place for more than 500 years.
{OldMan} I hear that the power of the emperor has been replaced by the Shogun, who in turn become weak.
{OldMan} Yet our bloodline weakens.
{OldMan} It must be fate that guides the young man who should have become our leader, on a journey to the west.
{Hi-Sama} Follow the rules, protect yourself and live vigorously.
{Kaya} Ani-sama!
{Ashitaka} Kaya! It is forbidden to walk around at night like this.
{Kaya} I shall accept punishment, but please accept this gift as a substitute for my presence!
{Ashitaka} This... this is your precious crystal dagger.
{Kaya} I put in a charm to protect you during your travels.
{Kaya} You will always be in my thoughts, and some day perhaps... perhaps...
{Ashitaka} I will think of you, too. You will always be in my thoughts Kaya, always.
{Ashitaka} A war?
{Samurai} Kill them all!
{Samurai2} Encircle them!
{Samurai} The bastard, take his head!
{Samurai2} Fight! Fight!
{Ashitaka} Stop!
{Man} Huh?!
{Ashitaka} What the hell is up with this arm?!
{Samurai} Don't let him get away!
{Samurai2} Kill them!
{Ashitaka} Don't stop me, I'm coming through!
{Samurai} Monster!
{Ashitaka} The wound's become darker.
{Jiko-Bou} Oh damn, this tastes like hot water.
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, there he is!
{Ashitaka} Will this do?
{Salesbitch} What? What the hell is this? This isn't money.
{Salesbitch} If you don't have money then give back the rice.
{Jiko-Bou} Well well, wait a moment, let me take a look.
{Jiko-Bou} Hmm? Hey, woman! This is a sizable gold nugget!
{Jiko-Bou} If you'd prefer money, I'll pay for the rice.
{Jiko-Bou} Everyone, is there a money house around here? Or not?
{Jiko-Bou} For the person that finds it I will give a bag of rice. No, I'll give 3 bags of rice.
{Jiko-Bou} Hey! Wait!
{Salesbitch} Give that back to me! It's mine!
{Jiko-Bou} Why in such a hurry? No need to thank me, I'm the one that should thank you.
{Jiko-Bou} I'd never have gotten out of that backwater battle if it hadn't been for you.
{Jiko-Bou} My! You truly are the personification of courageousness.
{Jiko-Bou} Hmmm, so you noticed too?
{Jiko-Bou} Show your backs for a second and you become marked...
{Jiko-Bou} It'll be a waste of time to fight. Shall we run for it?
{Jiko-Bou} Hmm... so a boar became a Tatarigami.
{Ashitaka} I followed its footprints, but the moment I passed through the village, I lost him.
{Jiko-Bou} That's to be expected.
{Jiko-Bou} Look over there.
{Jiko-Bou} There used to be a village the last time I visited.
{Jiko-Bou} Floods, mudslides, and firestorms... many people must have died.
{Jiko-Bou} War, sickness, people swallow  curse after curse gladly, sealing fate with their own dead.
{Jiko-Bou} If you're talking about a curse, then this world is a curse in itself.
{Jiko-Bou} This is good.
{Ashitaka} I made a mistake going down to the village, I killed two people in the process.
{Jiko-Bou} No, because of you I was saved. Bring out your bowl, you must eat first.
{Jiko-Bou} All people die, it just comes sooner or later.
{Jiko-Bou} Hmm... what a beautiful bowl.
{Jiko-Bou} Looking at you, it reminds me of an old legend passed through old scripture.
{Jiko-Bou} That of a courageous one clad in a Red Cloak, come from the east who uses arrows hewn of stone.
{Jiko-Bou} The most important thing is to not be consumed by death.
{Jiko-Bou} Well, that was something I learned from my teacher long ago.
{Jiko-Bou} Go on, eat up, 'tis your rice after all.
{Ashitaka} Have you ever seen something like this?
{Jiko-Bou} This is...?
{Ashitaka} It came from within the boar's body, it is what gave the boar the deadly wound.
{Jiko-Bou} As you go further and further west, deep within the mountains there lies a forest that bars humans, the forest of the Shishigami.
{Ashitaka} The forest of the Shishigami?
{Jiko-Bou} The animals that inhabit the forest are enormous and are said to exist as they did of old.
{Jiko-Bou} He left after all, just like I thought.
{Man} Go!
{Man2} Go, go!
{Eboshi} Everyone it's only a little further, don't let your guard down.
{Man1} Here she comes!  It's the Mountain Dog gods!
{Eboshi} Keep the cattle calm!  Keep your cool.  Formations!
{Gonza} Don't let the gun powder get wet, draw them in close before firing.
{Eboshi} Number one, fire!
{Eboshi} Number two, fire!
{Gonza} Those are a hand full.
{Eboshi} They're only the pups, why does the mother not show herself?
{Eboshi} Moro!
{Eboshi} Come, Moro!
{Gonza} We got it!
{Eboshi} No, she is immortal, she won't be killed this easily.
{Gonza} We took a pretty bad beating, what shall we do?
{Eboshi} We leave at once.
{Gonza} What about those that fell into the ravine?
{Eboshi} Regroup and reform.
{Ashitaka} He's breathing.
{Ashitaka} Hold on.
{Ashitaka} My name is Ashitaka! I come from the faraway lands to the East!
{Ashitaka} Are you indeed the old gods said to inhabit the forest of the Shishigami?
{San} Go!
{Kouroku} Ow!
{Ashitaka} Kodama? Kodama live here?
{Ashitaka} Quiet, if you move you'll worsen your wounds.
{Ashitaka} If you let it be no harm will come to you.
{Ashitaka} The Kodama are a sign that the forest is still pure and untouched.
{Kouroku} No, these things call the Shishigami.
{Ashitaka} Shishigami? A large mountain dog?
{Kouroku} No, something even more monstrous, the head of them all!
{Kouroku} Aaa! Here they come!
{Ashitaka} Yakkuru isn't afraid, there is no danger nearby.
{Ashitaka} I'm sorry but I must pass through your forest.
{Kouroku} I don't think was such a good idea after all, let's go back.
{Kouroku} It's impossible to get through these forests.
{Ashitaka} The river's current is too strong for us to cross, and if we don't hurry up the wounded won't make it.
{Ashitaka} You're guiding us through the forest? Making sure we don't lose our way...
{Kouroku} Sir, they intend to leave us behind, more and more keep appearing.
{Ashitaka} So that's your mother? What a splendid tree!
{Ashitaka} That girl's footprints, and the mountain dogs' as well...
{Ashitaka} This must be their domain...
{Kouroku} Sir, this pretty dangerous, these are the gates to the other world!
{Ashitaka} You're right, let's rest then.
{Ashitaka} Footprints?
{Ashitaka} Three hoof marks...
{Ashitaka} They're still fresh...
{Kouroku} What's the matter?
{Kouroku} Sir?! What happened?
{Kouroku} Are you all right?
{Kouroku} That's why I told you, it's dangerous here.
{Ashitaka} Did you see anything?
{Kouroku} Huh?
{Ashitaka} No, never mind.
{Ashitaka} Only a little more to go, hang on.
{Man} So... so sorry...
{Ashitaka} He's gone.
{Ashitaka} Why? All of a sudden my body feels so light.
{Kouroku} Huh? Hey it's healed!!!
{Kouroku} Ow!!! Maybe not...
{Kouroku} Sir! We're back, we made it!
{Ashitaka} Seems almost like a castle.
{Man} That's Eboshi's refinery, Tataraba, we mine for steel here.
{Man1} Something's coming from the forest.
{Man2} Mononoke?
{Kouroku} It's me, Kouroku, the cattle herdsman!
{Woman} It's Kouroku!
{Man} It's true!, they're heading this way by boat right now!
{Gonza} What's with all the ruckus?!
{Gonza} Be quiet!  I'm trying to write!
{Man} Kouroku's alive!
{Gonza} What?!
{Man} You're not a ghost are you?
{Man2} Where are the others?
{Man3} There were two others that fell.
{Kouroku} The only people saved were us.
{Woman} The ones that die are always the herdsmen...
{Gonza} Open the way!
{Man} Lord Gonza, who could the red cloaked person be?
{Gonza} I haven't seen the likes of him before...
{WoundedMan} This man carried us all the way here.
{WoundedMan} Thank him! Owwww!
{Gonza} You there, don't move!
{Gonza} Firstly, I will thank you for bringing us our wounded...
{Gonza} But something's strange, you arrived just after we ourselves made it back.
{Gonza} Furthermore it seems you passed through the Shishigami's forest while carrying...
{Toki} Kouroku!!! You're alive!!
{Gonza} Huh?!
{Kouroku} Toki!!
{Toki} You slouch! How are we supposed to eat with your leg broken like that?
{Kouroku} Toki, but I was...
{Toki} Making me worry all the time, you should've been eaten by the wolves.
{Toki} Then I could have chosen a better husband!
{Kouroku} Tokiii... give me a break for once... pleaseee...
{Gonza} Toki! Go have your domestic arguments somewhere else.
{Toki} What did you say?! Leaving the wounded behind like that!
{Toki} What kind of guard are you?
{Toki} Why don't you act like a man and put your life on the line for a change!
{Gonza} There was nothing I could do...
{Toki} Thank you, saving even a pathetic man like him.
{Ashitaka} I'm glad, I was afraid that maybe I shouldn't have brought him back.
{Toki} Hmmmm... you have a nice voice, you seem like a nice young man... let me see your face.
{Eboshi} Gonza...
{Eboshi} Please guide our guest, I'd like to thank him later on.
{Eboshi} Kouroku...
{Eboshi} Welcome back, I'm sorry for leaving you behind as I did.
{Toki} Oh please!
{Toki} They deserved it Eboshi-sama!
{Eboshi} Toki, please forgive me as well, even though I was with him, I let this happen.
{Toki} Oh no, if it were all the men together they'd be having the time of their life inside a mountain dog's belly.
{Woman} You've got that right!
{Eboshi} Traveler, rest well.
{Toki} Oh you are a looker after all!
{People} Hey, it took us a lot of work to get this much, eat it with respect.
{Woman} Where where?
{Woman} That person?
{Woman} Wow he really is a looker, just like Toki said!
{Men} Shut up will you! Can't you see we're mourning the dead here?!
{Men} If you're looking for some good-looking men there's some right over here!
{Women} Noooo way, who'd want cattle herdsmen?
{Women} Hey you traveler, why don't you come with us?
{Women} Don't stay here in a stinking place like this.
{Man} What? What did you say, eating the rice that we risked our life to bring home, I hope your mouth rots off!
{Woman} Ha! So who works the mill that makes the metal that buys the rice?!
{Woman} We work the mill all night long!
{Ashitaka} I'd like to stop by later, if you wouldn't mind, and see where you work.
{Women} Really?! We'll be waiting then!
{Man} Please don't feel disgusted.
{Man} Eboshi-sama treats these women too well in the first place.
{Ashitaka} Yes, but I've heard that healthy women are a sign of a good village.
{Men} Normally no one would want to work the mills.
{Men} But Eboshi-sama takes in all the women that were sold off.
{Men} She's a kind person at heart.
{Man} Hey, you're spitting food out all over the place.
{Man3} She's really a scary person, she doesn't give a damn about curse or misfortune!
{Man} Yeah yeah!
{Man} That stuff with the mountain gods was nothing compared to what happened when Naganokami came!
{Ashitaka} Naganokami?
{Man3} He was a REALLY big boar, the master around these parts, but no one could get close to the mountains,
{Man3} even though a mountain full of treasure lay right in front of us.
{Man4} It was really bad, especially since we used up all the iron in the other mines.
{Man5} Everyone was killed...
{Man} Our job is to strip the mountains' forest and cut the trees down.
{Man} So the god of the forest became enraged at us.
{Man6} Hey! They've started!
{Man2} And then Eboshi-sama appeared with her Ishibiyashi troops.
{Man} Hey, is something the matter?
{Man} Does your hand hurt?
{Ashitaka} No, I was just thinking about the Boar God, his pain and grief must have been deep.
{Eboshi} Ashitaka, sorry for keeping you waiting.
{Eboshi} That's a good smell.
{Eboshi} Start preparing for tomorrow.
{Eboshi} Tell everyone to take a break.
{Woman} Yes, ma'am.
{Eboshi} There are those who think you are for the samurais or the Mononoke and don't entirely trust you.
{Eboshi} There are many who seek to wrest control of this Tataraba.
{Eboshi} Could you please tell me the reason for your journey?
{Ashitaka} You should know this stone.
{Ashitaka} It is that which smote the bone and tore the flesh of the boar god, causing it to become a Tatarigami.
{Ashitaka} I received this scar when I delivered the final blow to the boar.
{Ashitaka} It is a memory I shall carry until I die.
{Eboshi} Where is your country located?
{Eboshi} You ride a strange beast.
{Ashitaka} Between the North and East, beyond that I can not say.
{Gonza} If you don't cough it out, I'll cut you down right now!
{Eboshi} And what would you do knowing the secret about that stone?
{Ashitaka} I will see with unclouded eyes, and decide.
{Eboshi} See with unclouded eyes?
{Eboshi} I understand, I will show you my secret.  Come!
{Gonza} Eboshi-sama!
{Eboshi} Gonza!  I leave the rest to you.
{Eboshi} This is my garden, that which everyone fears.
{Eboshi} If you wish to know the secret then come with me
{Eboshi} Excuse us.
{Leper1} We just finished making one.
{Eboshi} It's still a bit too heavy.
{Leper1} And you say that while holding it so lightly.
{Leper2} If we make it too light the copper fittings wouldn't hold.
{Eboshi} I am not the only one who will use these, I intend to give them to the women as well.
{Leper3} Now that would indeed be a sight to behold!
{Eboshi} This is the new Ishibiya that my people have developed.
{Eboshi} The ones from China are heavy, and hard to use.
{Eboshi} With these arrows of fire, we need fear neither monster nor armor-clad samurai!
{Leper4} Scary, scary, Eboshi-sama intends to take over Japan!
{Eboshi} I'm sorry for working you so hard, I'll send sake for you all later on.
{Leper5} That'll be a relief indeed.
{Ashitaka} Are you not satisfied with taking the forests of the mountain gods, turning them into Tatarigami?
{Ashitaka} Do you intend to spread more fear, anger, and despair with these Ishibiya?
{Eboshi} I am sorry for causing you so much trouble, indeed that stone is my doing.
{Eboshi} That foolish boar, he should have cast his vengeance upon me...
{Eboshi} Your right arm seems to be trying to kill me...
{Ashitaka} If my curse would be gone so easily I would do so, but this arm would not stop at that alone.
{Eboshi} Will your arm not rest until it has slain everyone in this room?
{Leper7} Eboshi-sama, the old one wishes to speak.
{OldOne} Eboshi-sama, you must not underestimate this young one's strength.
{OldOne} Young one, I am also a cursed one, and understand your anger and despair very well.
{OldOne} If you understand that, then please do not kill her.
{OldOne} She is the only one who treated us as normal human beings.
{OldOne} She is the only one who did not fear our rotting flesh, and washed our bindings with her own hands...
{Leper7} Old one!
{OldOne} To live is extremely painful, curse the world, curse the people, yet you must continue to live.
{OldOne} Please, take heed of my humble words...
{Eboshi} It seems they've come again.
{Eboshi} When night falls they come here to plant tree seeds to retake the forest.
{Eboshi} Ashitaka, will you stay here and help us?
{Ashitaka} Do you intend to take back even the Shishigami's forest?
{Eboshi} If the old gods disappear then even the Mononoke will become but beasts.
{Eboshi} Once light falls upon this forest and the mountain dogs are calmed, this countryside will become bountiful.
{Eboshi} And the Mononoke Hime may become human.
{Ashitaka} Mononoke Hime?
{Eboshi} It's a pitiful girl who's heart was stolen by the mountain dogs.
{Eboshi} She continues to hunt for my life.
{Eboshi} The Shishigami's blood is said to be able to cure most illnesses.
{Eboshi} With it I intend to cure the lepers,
{Eboshi} and perhaps it may hold the key to your curse.
{Leper} Eboshi-sama...
{Leper} How does the Ishibiya feel?
{Eboshi} Just right to destroy an entire country.
{Eboshi} But it's still a bit heavy.
{Toki} You...
{Ashitaka} Toki-san, will you let me push alongside you?
{Toki} Huh?  Hey wait...
{Ashitaka} Will you change with me?
{Toki} You've been at it for several hours now, so let him do it.
{Woman} You really came after all.
{Toki} See?  I told you he was a good man.
{Woman} Ah, he's just showing off.
{Toki} You're gonna wear yourself out,  Mr. Traveler, if you keep up that pace.
{Ashitaka} This is really hard work...
{Toki} Yeah, it is. Five days a week, all day into the night.
{Ashitaka} Is this life hard?
{Toki} Yeah, but compared to the life we led before it's a lot better... ne?
{Woman} Yeah!  We get plenty of food and the men don't push us around.
{Women} What?  You're leaving already?  But you should stay here and work with us!
{Ashitaka} Thank you, but there is someone I must meet.
{Ashitaka} She's coming.
{Guard} It's the Mononoke Hime!
{Ashitaka} Stop it!
{Ashitaka} I have no wish to fight you!
{Man} She jumped on the roof! She's going for town hall!
{Man} You bitch!
{Man} You little piece of...
{Gonza} Bring in more guards!
{Gonza} Reinforce the Ishibiya troops! Don't let her get out of the compound!
{Man} Don't stray from your posts! No slouching!
{Woman} It seems she's up on the roof.
{Toki} No crying! Keep on pushing without rest!
{Toki} If we let off we won't be able to rekindle the fire!
{Eboshi} Only one?
{Gonza} Yeah, it seems we've cornered her. She's probably after you.
{Eboshi} I've no choice then. Come.
{Eboshi} Mononoke Hime! Can you hear me! I am right here!
{Eboshi} If you wish to exact revenge upon us on behalf of your clan,
{Eboshi} there are those who wish revenge upon you for the deaths of their husbands by your wolves!
{Woman} We'll finish this once and for all tonight!
{Man} There she is!
{Man} She's on the roof!
{Gonza} Clear the way in front, otherwise you'll be hit!
{Ashitaka} It's a trap. Princess of the Mountain Dogs!
{Ashitaka} Go back to your forest!  Don't die a dog's death!
{Ashitaka} To survive is also courage!
{Gonza} I knew it! He was one of them.
{Eboshi} Let him do as he pleases.
{Gonza} All right, we got her! She's falling!
{Eboshi} Don't move! A mountain dog can still bite you even if it only has its head.
{Eboshi} Shoot where she falls.
{Woman} Yes, Ma'am.
{Eboshi} Fire!
{Ashitaka} Don't move!
{Ashitaka} Get a grip on yourself.
{Ashitaka} No, don't!
{Woman} Don't let her get away! Kill her!
{Man} Gonza-sama, are you okay?
{Gonza} Don't worry about me! Go!
{Gonza} I knew it, you were one of the Mononoke!
{Gonza} Stop!
{Ashitaka} Please move.
{Eboshi} What are you doing, Ashitaka?
{Ashitaka} I shall take this girl's life into my own hands.
{Eboshi} You intend to take this mountain dog as your wife?
{Ashitaka} There is a black thing that infests your soul.
{Ashitaka} Hers as well.
{Ashitaka} Everyone look! This is the curse of vengeance and hatred that rots the flesh and beckons death!
{Ashitaka} Don't give in to this anger and hatred anymore!
{Eboshi} Impertinence!
{Eboshi} Don't seek to flaunt your minor misfortunes at me! Shall I cut that arm off for you?!
{Ashitaka} Someone give me a hand!
{Ashitaka} Don't worry, she'll regain consciousness.
{Ashitaka} I shall keep this girl!
{Woman} Wait! I won't let you get away after what you did to Eboshi-sama!
{Woman} Don't move!
{Woman} Kyo, don't!
{Woman} He's still walking...
{Gonza} How is Eboshi-sama?
{Man} She's fine.
{Gonza} Bring my Ishibiya! Gather the Ishibiya troops over here!
{Gonza} I won't let them get away!
{Woman} Toki-san, hurry!
{Toki} You... you...
{Man} Sir, I can't let you pass.
{Man} Unless you're a villager I can't open the gates for you.
{Guard} Please, turn back.
{Guard} You saved our comrades, we do not wish you as an enemy.
{Guard} Please...
{Ashitaka} I came here of my own accord and I shall walk out of my own accord.
{Guard} It's impossible. It takes ten men to open the gate.
{Man} Sir, please don't. You'll die!
{Man} It moved!
{Gonza} Move aside!
{Gonza} It's the mountain dogs!
{Gonza} Fire...  fire... fire...?
{Ashitaka} Stop! Your princess is safe!
{Ashitaka} I'm coming over now!
{Ashitaka} Yakkuru, go.
{Ashitaka} I'm sorry for troubling you.
{Man} He's gone.
{San} Hold!
{San} He's my prey.
{San} Were you shot?
{San} Are you going to die?
{San} Why did you interfere? Answer me before you die!
{Ashitaka} I didn't want to let you die.
{San} Who's afraid of death?! My life means nothing if I can't make those bastards pay!
{Ashitaka} From the first time I met you...
{San} For having interfered you're the one who's going to die a dog's death!
{San} I'll cut your throat apart and stop your useless mumbling!
{Ashitaka} Survive...
{San} You still say such things?? I will not lend an ear to a human!
{Ashitaka} You're beautiful...
{Wolf} What is it, San? Should I be the one to tear him apart?
{San} Shoujou...
{Wolf} Shoujou, what is this insolence that you show against the Moro clan?
{Shoujou} This is our forest.
{Shoujou2} Give us human.
{Shoujou3} Give us human and leave.
{Wolf} Back down, before death befalls you.
{Shoujou} Leave.  Leave.  We shall eat human.
{Shoujou2} We shall eat human.
{Shoujou} Let us eat human.
{San} Shoujou!
{San} Why do you, the guardians of the forest, wish to eat something as low as a human?
{Shoujou} We eat human and receive its power.
{Shoujou} We wish to have human's power. That is why we eat human.
{San} No, you mustn't. You will not receive the power of the human.
{San} Your blood will become tainted and you will cease to be Shoujou.
{Shoujou} We plant trees.
{Shoujou2} We plant trees. Humans kill trees. Forest not return.
{Shoujou} We want to kill human.
{San} Don't give up hope, keep planting the trees. We have the Shishigami by our side.
{San} The Moro clan will fight to the very end.
{Shoujou} Shishigami-sama does not fight. We all die.
{Shoujou} The Princess of Mountain Dogs is content because she is a human.
{Wolf} You insolent monkeys! I'll rip your throats asunder with these teeth!
{San} Stop!
{San} I'm fine. Don't worry about me.
{San} Go home, I'll deal with this human.
{Wolf} How about him? Can I eat him?
{San} Nope, you can't eat him. Now, go.
{San} Come here! Let us be friends.
{San} I'll carry your master, so lend me your help.
{San} You're smart.
{San} It's better not to come up here.
{San} Smells of human...
{San} Go where you like and do as you please.
{Jiko-Bou} Oh... it's out!
{Jiko-Bou} The Didarabotchi! What are you doing? Hurry up and look!
{Hunter} Why the hell do you think I'm wearing this smelly suit?
{Hunter2} But if you look at the Shishigami, you'll go blind!
{Jiko-Bou} And you consider yourself the Emperor's elite hunter?
{Jiko-Bou} The Emperor has approved the hunt for the Shishigami. Now, hurry up!
{Jiko-Bou} The Didarabotchi is the Shishigami's night form.
{Jiko-Bou} He's about to change into his true form.
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, there he goes!
{Hunter} Jiko-Bou-sama...
{Jiko-Bou} Eh? What is it?
{Hunter} Over there.
{Jiko-Bou} Such a huge number.
{Hunter} These aren't the boars of this forest.
{Hunter} They must be from other clans.
{Hunter} It's Jinsei's Okkotononushi!
{Jiko-Bou} Jinsei? You mean they crossed the sea?!
{Hunter} There's no doubt about it.
{Hunter} This monster is the one who gathered them all here!
{Jiko-Bou} He's seen us! Retreat!
{Jiko-Bou} Hurry up! Jump, jump!
{Ashitaka} No wound...
{San} When you wake, say your thanks to Yakkuru.
{San} He stood by you all this time.
{Ashitaka} How do you know Yakkuru...
{San} He told me many things about you and your homeland's forest.
{San} Shishigami-sama spared your life, that is why I help you now.
{Ashitaka} I saw a strange dream... a golden deer.
{San} Eat.
{San} Chew.
{Boar} We have come to kill the humans and protect the forest.
{Boar} Why is there a human here?
{Moro} She is my daughter. There is no human here.
{Moro} Go back to your land and kill people there, if you wish.
{Boar} We kill to protect the Shishigami's forest.
{Boar} Why is there a human here??
{San} The Shishigami-sama saved this human's life.
{San} That is why you must leave him and go back.
{Boar} The Shishigami-sama saved a human?! You say he healed a human?!
{Boar} Why did he not save Naganokami?!
{Boar} Is the Shishigami not the guard of the forest??
{Moro} The Shishigami-sama both gives and takes life.
{Moro} Have you forgotten even that, you boar?
{Boar} No! The mountain dogs are keeping the Shishigami-sama to themselves, and save the humans but not him!
{Moro} First you must fear death, like me.
{Moro} I carry the humans' poison inside my body, too.
{Moro} I watch my own coming death unflinching.
{San} Moro, that is why you must ask the Shishigami to...
{Moro} San, I have already lived long enough.
{Moro} The Shishigami will probably absorb my life rather than heal my wounds.
{San} That's not true!  Mother, you have protected the Shishigami all your life!
{Boar} We of the Boar clan will never run away!
{Boar} You have lost, those of the Moro clan! Cowards!
{San} Silence! I will not forgive you if you make a fool of my mother!
{Ashitaka} Gods of the forest, please listen to me.
{Ashitaka} I am the one who delivered the fatal blow to Naganokami without pity or mercy.
{Ashitaka} This is the curse I bear from that.
{Ashitaka} I came here with the hopes that perhaps the Shishigami could cure me of this curse.
{Ashitaka} However, the Shishigami healed my wounds but not my curse.
{Ashitaka} Until the curse eats away my life I must suffer.
{Moro} It's Okkotononushi. Finally, someone who might understand.
{San} Wait, Okkotononushi, you must not eat this person!
{Okkotononushi} Ah... you're the daughter of Moro. I've heard the rumors.
{San} Your eyes...
{Okkotononushi} Please move, I will not eat him.
{Ashitaka} Princess of the Mountain Dogs, it's ok.
{Ashitaka} I'd like to give you the last words of Naganokami.
{Okkotononushi} Thank you, young one.
{Okkotononushi} It is sad indeed, a Tatarigami emerged from our clan...
{Ashitaka} Okkotononushi, is there any way to remove this curse?
{Okkotononushi} Leave this forest. The next time we meet I will have to kill you.
{Moro} Okkotononushi, we cannot win by numbers alone against the humans' Ishibiya.
{Okkotononushi} Moro, look at our clan. They are becoming more and more caught up in stupidity.
{Okkotononushi} If this continues we will become hunted as mere meat.
{Okkotononushi} Even if all of my kind must die, I'll make the humans feel my revenge!
{Moro} If you seek to fight then you become no better than them.
{Okkotononushi} I would not think to borrow the strength of the Mountain Dogs.
{Okkotononushi} Even if we are to be completely annihilated, we will show them the fury of the Boars.
{Man} Move the cattle back!
{Eboshi} Don't shoot yet! Draw them in closer!
{Eboshi} Fire!
{Man} Bring the next line up! Hurry!
{Enemy} Retreat!
{Enemy} You bitc...
{Jiko-Bou} My, my, Eboshi, aren't you fighting the wrong enemy?
{Jiko-Bou} Get in position ahead of me.
{Woman} I see them! They've returned!
{Man} Sir...
{Jiko-Bou} Don't strain yourself so much. We're going to move soon.
{Eboshi} Jiko-Bou...
{Jiko-Bou} I've been scouting the forest out.
{Jiko-Bou} This is no time to be playing around with the local samurai.
{Eboshi} Lord Asano has been rallying them against us.
{Jiko-Bou} Asano... mmmm... a powerful Lord.
{Eboshi} He tells us to give him half our steel.
{Jiko-Bou} Well, that's pretty arrogant of him!
{Jiko-Bou} But this is no time to be bickering with humans.
{Jiko-Bou} The boars are gathering in great numbers in the forest.
{Jiko-Bou} They will come soon.
{Jiko-Bou} Just give them all your steel, then after you fulfill your promise to the Emperor you can do whatever you want.
{Women} Eboshi-sama! Hurry! Inside!
{Jiko-Bou} I think that's one of Asano's.
{Eboshi} It's a messenger! Treat him with respect!
{Women} Welcome back!
{Jiko-Bou} Hey hey hey! Aren't you going to meet them??
{Samurai} Eboshi of Tataraba!
{Samurai} Earlier we witnessed your magnificent bravery in the battle against the local samurai.
{Samurai} We come as messengers from Lord Asano.
{Samurai} If you understand then please open the gates!
{Toki} If you have something to say then say it there!
{Woman} Eboshi-sama took this land from the Mononoke...
{Woman2} You're attacking us because you know we're weak!
{Woman} Go home!
{Samurai} Women, I will not tolerate insolence against Lord Asano!
{Women} Insolence?  He says we're insolent?  We've always been insolent allll our lives!
{Woman2} If you want an answer, here's one coming right at you!
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, man!  Neither the Mononoke nor the samurai are any match for you.
{Jiko-Bou} It truly shows the feisty side of you!
{Eboshi} You really think this piece of paper holds any value?
{Jiko-Bou} Well, it helps in a lot of beauraucratic situations...
{Jiko-Bou} But, after all, we are going to kill a god.
{Woman} Yes, Eboshi-sama?
{Eboshi} Do you understand what is written on this paper?
{Eboshi} It is from the Emperor.
{Woman} The Emperor?
{Woman2} Who's the Emperor?
{Eboshi} Emperor Mikado.
{Women} Mikado...
{Jiko-Bou} Ok, you got me there.
{Eboshi} You may go.
{Eboshi} If we continue to make steel here, the power of the forest will weaken.
{Eboshi} There will be fewer casualties that way.
{Jiko-Bou} We gave you plenty of money and raw steel.
{Jiko-Bou} The reason you were lent the Ishibiya troops was not to make steel.
{Jiko-Bou} But, then again, you probably know that already.
{Eboshi} Don't tell me even you have come to believe the legend that the head of the Shishigami bring eternal youth.
{Jiko-Bou} I don't know what the people up above are thinking about...
{Jiko-Bou} and I don't want to know.
{Eboshi} I will keep my promise.
{Eboshi} It will probably be easier to take care of the Boar clan than the Moro clan.
{Eboshi} And bring out those suspicious looking ones from behind the ravine.
{Jiko-Bou} Ah! You saw right through it!
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, yeah, one more thing...
{Jiko-Bou} Did a young man come through your village recently?
{Jiko-Bou} Wrapped in a red cloak?
{Eboshi} Beats me.
{Woman} Something about them makes my skin crawl.
{Kouroku} They're not ordinary hunters.
{Kouroku} They're Jibashiri.
{Man} Jibashiri?
{Woman} Please let us help!
{Woman2} We can't trust strangers!
{Woman3} If something happens to Eboshi-sama, there'll be nothing we can do!
{Woman4} And you just taught us how to use the Ishibyashi...
{Eboshi} I want everyone to protect this place.
{Eboshi} The things to be feared most are humans, not Mononoke.
{Eboshi} After the Shishigami is dead, you will understand.
{Eboshi} You think that they will stop with just the Shishigami's head?
{Eboshi} It's not just the samurai, the Ishibyashi might be used against us as well.
{Eboshi} We can't rely on the men. Do your best.
{Gonza} Don't worry about Eboshi-sama.
{Gonza} I, Gonza, will protect her with my life!
{Toki} If that were only true.
{Gonza} What??
{Toki} It might have been better if you were a woman after all!
{Moro} Do you suffer?
{Moro} If you jump, everything could end quickly and painlessly.
{Moro} The more you stand the pain, the greater the wound becomes.
{Ashitaka} It seems I was asleep for many days.
{Ashitaka} All I remember was being in the care of that young girl.
{Moro} If you had raised even a single cry, I would have ripped your throat apart.
{Moro} What is it you stare at?
{Ashitaka} It's such a beautiful forest.
{Ashitaka} Has Okkotononushi moved yet?
{Moro} Go back inside the cave, young one.
{Moro} How can you hear the painful cries of the forest as the boars move through the trees?
{Moro} I sit here listening to the forest's desperate cries with my dying body while waiting for that woman to come out!
{Moro} How I dream of the moment when I can sink my teeth into her head!
{Ashitaka} Moro, is there any way that the forest and humans can coexist without conflict?
{Ashitaka} Is it really true that there is no other way??
{Moro} The humans but grow and grow in numbers.
{Moro} In time they will reach even here.
{Ashitaka} What do you intend to do with San?
{Ashitaka} Do you intend to abandon her as well?
{Moro} Just like a human. Such a selfish thought.
{Moro} San is one of us. When the forest dies she will die with us.
{Ashitaka} That girl is human!
{Moro} Quiet, young one!
{Moro} How can you understand that girl's misfortune?
{Moro} This girl was cast away from humans and embraced us!
{Moro} Unable to become completely human or Mountain Dog...
{Moro} she is my dear, ugly, furless child!
{Moro} Can you save such a girl?
{Ashitaka} I don't know.
{Ashitaka} However I know we can live together.
{Moro} How would you live together?
{Moro} Would you fight the humans with San at your side?
{Ashitaka} No! That would only increase the hatred and grief!
{Moro} Young one, there is nothing that you can do.
{Moro} You will eventually be consumed by the curse. Leave from here.
{San} Were you able to walk?
{Ashitaka} Thank you. It is due to you and the Shishigami.
{Ashitaka} Yakkuru! Sorry to have worried you!
{Ashitaka} My leg's become so weak...
{Ashitaka} It's too quiet. All the Kodama have disappeared.
{Ashitaka} The air smells of the village of Tataraba... we're close.
{Ashitaka} Thank you for your guidance! I have one favor to ask you!
{Ashitaka} Please give this to San!
{San} What a terrible smell... it makes me sick.
{Moro} It is not normal smoke. They're trying to confuse our sense of smell.
{San} That woman is there.
{San} She knows we're here.
{Moro} It's a trap.
{San} A trap?!
{Moro} She's trying to draw us from the forest.
{Moro} She must indeed have something big planned.
{San} We must warn the boars! They've already started to move.
{Moro} Okkotononushi is no fool.
{Moro} Even though he knows it's futile, he intends to attack from the front.
{Moro} That is the pride of the boars.
{Moro} They will not stop until the last boar falls.
{San} They've started to cut the trees.
{Moro} That's also a trap.
{San} Mother, I bid you farewell.
{San} I'm going to help Okkotononushi.
{San} They're probably in trouble because of the smoke.
{Moro} That is also fine.
{Moro} However, you could also follow another path and live with that young man.
{San} I hate humans!
{San} From Ashitaka... for me?
{San} Beautiful...
{Moro} You go with San, I will stay by the Shishigami's side.
{San} Let's go!
{San} The Moro clan will fight beside you!
{San} Where is Okkotononushi-sama?
{San} Thank you!
{Ashitaka} It's coming from Tataraba!
{Ashitaka} Let's go!
{Samurai} Who goes there?
{Ashitaka} Samurai!
{Samurai} Stop!
{Ashitaka} I'm coming through!
{Samurai} Come on!
{Man} He's good!
{Archer} He blocked them!
{Man} He's pretty skilled!
{Man} Stop it! It's a waste of arrows!
{Woman} Hurry, hurry!
{Woman2} It's true, it really is him!
{Woman3} That's not a ghost, is it?
{Toki} Ashitaka-sama!
{Ashitaka} Toki! Is that you?
{Ashitaka} Is everyone all right?
{Toki} Just as you see.
{Toki} The samurai have started to attack because the men are gone.
{Toki} The northern side is already beaten!
{Toki} Everyone is holed up inside here.
{Ashitaka} Where is Eboshi-sama?
{Toki} She took all the able men and the Ishibiya to kill the Shishigami.
{Toki} There's no way to tell them of our predicament!
{Ashitaka} The Shishigami! So the sound before was...
{Kouroku} Sir! I kept this for you!
{Toki} Why didn't you bring something more useful, like an Ishibiya?
{Toki} You slouch!
{Ashitaka} Thanks, Kouroku!
{Ashitaka} I'll go and ask Eboshi-sama for help.
{Ashitaka} You think you can stand until then?
{Toki} If worse comes to worse, we'll poor molten steel on them!
{Woman} Ashitaka-sama, we're counting on you!
{Woman2} Quickly, go get Eboshi-sama!
{Leper} Oh, damn, I missed.
{Leper2} The ships are coming, hurry!
{Leper} Hurry to Eboshi-sama!
{Leper2} Eboshi-sama, I will also fight!
{Ashitaka} I will be back!
{Ashitaka} Keep fighting!
{Toki} Good luck!
{Woman} Good luck!
{Samurai} There he is! Signal flare!
{Ashitaka} They're after us!
{Ashitaka} I'm counting on you, Yakkuru!
{Ashitaka} It smells of burned flesh.
{Ashitaka} Yakkuru!
{Samurai} Come on!!
{Ashitaka} Don't come any closer!
{Ashitaka} Show me your wound!
{Ashitaka} I'm sorry, wait for me here! I'll be back.
{Ashitaka} I said wait!
{Ashitaka} Keep going, it's only a little more.
{Samurai} Who are you?
{Samurai} This is a place for the dead, you don't belong here. Leave!
{Ashitaka} I am in debt to these people.
{Ashitaka} There's something urgent I must tell them.
{Ashitaka} I wish to speak with Eboshi-sama.
{Samurai} Eboshi-sama is not here. Tell me what you wish to speak of.
{Ashitaka} I will speak to her only. Where is Eboshi-sama?
{Man} Sir! You're alive?
{Ashitaka} Old one, what a dreadful thing this has become.
{Man} There's still more people buried out there.
{Man2} Dreadful doesn't even begin to describe it.
{Ashitaka} Tataraba is under siege by samurai.
{Ashitaka} The women are holed up in the upper towers!
{Ashitaka} If you go now you might make it.
{Man} What a mess this has become.
{Man2} Damn Lord Asano! What a cowardly act, attacking like that!
{Ashitaka} Is Eboshi-sama not here?
{Man} She went to the forest to kill the Shishigami.
{Ashitaka} You must call her back immediately, otherwise it will be too late!
{Samurai} If you're done babbling then leave!
{Samurai} Everyone, back to work!
{Man} What? You intend to leave those at Tataraba to their deaths?
{Man2} You can't be serious!
{Man} If we don't leave now, everyone will die!
{Samurai} The forest is vast and deep, there's no way we could find her in time!
{Man} You're not the one that has to bear with the memories of the dead!
{Man2} Eboshi-sama's being controlled by those bastards.
{Ashitaka} Did you see a Mountain Dog among the flood of attacking boars?
{Ashitaka} San... no, the Mononoke Hime, did you see her?
{Man2} I have no idea. They came in a big black wave so...
{Man3} I did. We were at the front of the lines...
{Ashitaka} And?
{Man3} I don't know. All of a sudden I became so confused...
{Man2} Those bastards! They used us as bait to draw in the wild boars, then blew up the ground in front of us!
{Ashitaka} San... what happened to San?
{Ashitaka} Calm down, I want to help you!
{Man} My god, it's a Mountain Dog!
{Man} There's a Mountain Dog alive!
{Man} Sir, sir... what are you doing...
{Man2} Sir...
{Samurai} You! What do you think you're doing?
{Ashitaka} I need this one to guide me.
{Ashitaka} If you will not go and get Eboshi-sama, I will.
{Samurai} You would go that far?!
{Samurai2} Move!
{Ashitaka} Which is more important, the Shishigami's head, or Tataraba?
{Man} Poison darts?!
{Man} Stop it!
{Man2} You bastard!
{Man} Everyone, together at once!
{Man} It's free!
{Ashitaka} Everyone go down the hill and hide in the lake.
{Man} Please be careful. The Ishibiya troops are also their allies now.
{Ashitaka} Please keep this for me, my last arrow broke.
{Ashitaka} You stay here with everyone else...
{Ashitaka} Take care of Yakkuru!
{Ashitaka} Quickly, to San! Eboshi will be there as well!
{Jiko-Bou} Don't lag behind the Jibashiri!
{Jiko-Bou} We're going to settle this once and for all today!
{Hunter} Jiko-Bou-sama.
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, you're back! How does it look?
{Hunter} The fatally wounded Okkotononushi is heading deeper into the forest, alongside the Mononoke Hime.
{Jiko-Bou} Just like I thought. They seek help from the Shishigami.
{Jiko-Bou} Follow them well!
{Jiko-Bou} If they figure out that you're human, the Shishigami will not come out.
{Hunter} Heh, you don't have to tell me twice.
{Eboshi} What was that on his face? Boar blood?
{Jiko-Bou} It's the Jibashiri way.
{San} Hang in there, we're almost at the Shishigami's pool.
{San} Something's coming.
{San} Something's wrong with Okkotononushi-sama.
{San} We're almost there, so please hang on.
{Wolf} Something dark is coming.
{San} What is it? I can't smell anything with all this blood.
{San} Shoujou!
{Shoujou} This forest is done for! It's your fault!
{Shoujou2} This forest is no more!
{San} Is this the thanks the Shoujou give to those who fight for the forest??
{Shoujou} You've brought something unspeakable into this forest!
{Shoujou2} Something neither human nor beast.
{San} Neither human nor beast...
{Shoujou} They come!
{Shoujou2} The forest is done for!
{San} The warriors...
{Okkotononushi} They're back... they've come back.
{Okkotononushi} My warriors have come back for me!
{Okkotononushi} Come, let us go forth to the Shishigami!
{San} Okkotononushi-sama, calm yourself! Those who die can never come back!
{San} They're covering their scent with the skins of the boars... humans.
{San} Stop! You mustn't show them the way to the Shishigami!
{Okkotononushi} Shishigami-sama! Come forth!
{Okkotononushi} Bring back my warriors so that we may overthrow the humans!
{San} Okkotononushi-sama, please, calm yourself!
{Wolf} He's done for! Leave him behind.
{San} No, we can't leave him like this! He'll become a Tatarigami!
{San} You must go back and tell mother about the humans' trap!
{San} If mother comes, she will lend us her strength!
{San} Hurry, go, you must not let the Moro clan die!
{San} Go.
{San} I will kill the first one who comes forth.
{San} I will expose your true form for all the forest to see!
{San} Ashitaka?
{San} Back!  Go back!
{Okkotononushi} Hot, so hot.
{Okkotononushi} My body burns like fire.
{San} No!  Okkotononushi-sama, you mustn't become a Tatarigami!
{San} Okkotononushi-sama...
{Ashitaka} He answered!
{Ashitaka} Did you get that?
{Wolf} San is in danger.
{Ashitaka} Let's go!
{San} It burns...
{San} No! I don't want to become a Tatarigami!  Okkotononushi-sama!
{Wolf} You're slow, get on.
{Ashitaka} Eboshi...
{Ashitaka} Shit! You go on ahead!
{Ashitaka} Eboshi! Listen to me!
{Jiko-Bou} Stop, stop!
{Eboshi} Ashitaka, is that you?
{Ashitaka} Tataraba is being attacked by Lord Asano!
{Ashitaka} Stop this futile fight against the Shishigami and return at once!
{Ashitaka} The women are fighting.
{Ashitaka} The men are hiding down from the lake.
{Ashitaka} Everyone is waiting for your return!
{Eboshi} What proof do you have?
{Ashitaka} None.
{Ashitaka} If I could I would have stayed and fought for Tataraba.
{Eboshi} Are you telling me to not kill the Shishigami and instead kill samurai?
{Ashitaka} No! Is there no way the forest and Tataraba can coexist?
{Jiko-Bou} Which side is he on?
{Gonza} Eboshi-sama, let's go back.
{Eboshi} I gave the women enough arms to hold out for a while yet.
{Eboshi} And I told them "one must protect one's own life."
{Eboshi} It's a pond, the Shishigami is close.
{Jiko-Bou} We're almost there. Don't let your guard down.
{Hunter} Why don't we just get rid of her now?
{Jiko-Bou} Killing gods is pretty scary. Let her do it.
{Ashitaka} Moro, are you dead?
{Ashitaka} San! Where are you?
{Ashitaka} San!
{San} Ashitaka!
{Ashitaka} Okkotononushi...
{Hunter} Move aside.
{Ashitaka} If you fight here the Shishigami will not come out.
{Ashitaka} Okkotononushi-sama, please calm down!
{Ashitaka} Okkotononushi-sama, please give back the Princess of the Mountain Dogs.
{Ashitaka} Where is San?
{Ashitaka} San, can you hear me?  It's Ashitaka!
{Ashitaka} San...
{Hunter} Get rid of him.
{Hunter} Kill him, kill him!
{Ashitaka} San!
{Ashitaka} San...
{San} Ashitaka...
{San} Ashitaka!
{Moro} And I thought I was saving the last of my strength for that woman...
{Hunter} Set up a defensive line!
{Moro} Do not interfere.
{Moro} The Tatarigami curse is not yours to bear.
{Moro} Huh, you've even lost your power of speech?
{Jiko-Bou} You did well.
{Jiko-Bou} Help the wounded.  Go.
{Jiko-Bou} My, my, what a scary sight indeed.
{Jiko-Bou} There it is.
{Moro} Give me back my daughter.
{Moro} Ashitaka, can you save San?
{Ashitaka} Shishigami...
{Ashitaka} Eboshi!  Don't shoot!
{Ashitaka} Eboshi, you have other enemies you must fight!
{Jiko-Bou} The Ishibiya didn't work.
{Eboshi} We'll have to go for the head.
{Ashitaka} San.
{Ashitaka} You mustn't die.
{Jiko-Bou} The Shishigami absorbs life?!
{Jiko-Bou} My god!
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, no, he's turning into the Didarabotchi!
{Eboshi} Everyone, watch closely.
{Eboshi} This is how you kill a god.
{Eboshi} The Shishigami is one who also beckons death.
{Ashitaka} Don't!
{Ashitaka} Eboshi...
{Eboshi} Shit... you monster!
{Jiko-Bou} We did it!  Hurry up and get the head!
{Eboshi} Jiko-Bou, bring the container for the head.
{Jiko-Bou} The carriers were all killed. Hurry, hurry!
{Eboshi} Don't let the Shishigami's body touch you.
{Eboshi} It will take your life.
{Eboshi} Catch! The promised head.
{Gonza} Eboshi-sama!
{Eboshi} Moro, you bastard. You were able to move even though you were only a head.
{Jiko-Bou} Hurry!
{Jiko-Bou} I said hurry!
{Jiko-Bou} Run! Run away!
{Ashitaka} Hurry up, get in the water!
{Gonza} But I can't swim!
{Ashitaka} You can walk on the bottom.
{San} Give her to me, I'll make her sleep a lot easier!
{Ashitaka} Moro has already exacted vengeance on her.
{Ashitaka} This is her punishment.
{Gonza} Eboshi-sama!
{Ashitaka} Give me a hand.
{Eboshi} I don't need your help.
{Ashitaka} I promised Toki and the others that I would bring you back.
{Ashitaka} It's looking for its head.
{Ashitaka} This place isn't safe.
{Ashitaka} San, give me your help.
{San} No!
{San} You're one of the humans!
{San} Now take that human and get out of here!
{San} Don't get any closer, I hate humans! All of them!
{Ashitaka} I am human.
{Ashitaka} You are also... human.
{San} Silence!
{San} I am a Mountain Dog!
{San} Stay away from me!
{Ashitaka} I'm sorry. I tried to stop them.
{San} This is the end of everything. The forest is dying.
{Ashitaka} This is not the end. We are still alive.
{Ashitaka} Please, lend me your strength.
{Jiko-Bou} Hey, where are you going?
{Jiko-Bou} There's no way we're gonna make it...
{Jiko-Bou} No, no, no, no, that way!
{Hunter} The head's moving!
{Jiko-Bou} Run!
{Woman} I got it, Toki.
{Toki} Thank you.
{Woman} It's quiet.
{Toki} I intend to wait for dawn.
{Woman} I wonder if that young man ever reached Eboshi-sama.
{Toki} Of course he did! I'm sure of it.
{Toki} He may be right over there...
{Woman} Oh, man, Kouroku, you're such a slob.
{Toki} Hey, Kouroku!
{Woman} Let him sleep. It will be his only chance.
{Toki} What is it? I feel sick...
{Toki} The Didarabotchi!
{Man} Go, go, go, go!
{Man2} It's a Tatarigami!
{Woman} Don't leave your posts!
{Woman2} Toki, what do we do? It's coming this way!
{Kouroku} It's no use, let's run!
{Toki} No, we will protect Tataraba!
{Toki} We promised Eboshi-sama!
{Toki} It's him!
{Woman} Ashitaka-sama!
{Ashitaka} Everyone, run!
{Ashitaka} The Shishigami has come to take back its head!
{Ashitaka} If you touch this black ooze, you'll die!
{Ashitaka} Run for the lake, the water will slow it down...
{Ashitaka} Eboshi and the men are on the other side, heading this way.
{Ashitaka} We're going to go and try to get the Shishigami's head.
{San} Ashitaka!
{Ashitaka} Hurry!
{Woman} It's coming this way!
{Toki} Don't panic! Get everyone to the lake!
{Toki} Keep calm. Lend a hand to the wounded.
{Toki} No, not that way!
{Kouroku} Oh, the great hall...
{Kouroku} It's no use, Tataraba is lost.
{Toki} As long as we're alive, we still have hope.
{Toki} Hurry to deeper water!
{San} There they are, over there!
{San} Go!
{Ashitaka} Hold!
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, you're alive! I'm so glad!
{Ashitaka} I'm going to give the Shishigami its head back.
{Ashitaka} Leave it and get out of here!
{Jiko-Bou} Don't say something so foolish!
{Jiko-Bou} There's nothing you can do about it now.
{Jiko-Bou} Look!
{Jiko-Bou} The Shishigami's sucked up so much life, it's bloated and slow...
{Jiko-Bou} When the sun's rays hit it, it will disintegrate into nothingness.
{Man} Jiko-Bou-sama, it's almost upon us!
{Man} Hurry!
{Jiko-Bou} A human's folly causes him to be hung between heaven and hell.
{Ashitaka} I do not wish to kill you.
{Jiko-Bou} You got me there...
{Jiko-Bou} Don't make such a scary face!
{Jiko-Bou} Run!
{Man} I'm outta here!
{San} Ashitaka!
{Jiko-Bou} Oh, no!
{Man} We're surrounded!
{Jiko-Bou} Sunlight, come forth!
{Ashitaka} Jiko, open it!
{Jiko-Bou} You're a hardheaded one. Don't you understand?
{Jiko-Bou} It's already too late.
{San} Ashitaka, it's useless to talk to a human.
{Ashitaka} I wish to return it with my own hands.
{Jiko-Bou} I take no responsibility for what happens...
{Ashitaka} Shishigami!  I give back your head!
{Ashitaka} Please, calm down!
{Jiko-Bou} It's coming, it's coming!
{Kouroku} It stopped moving.
{Woman} It's the men!
{Toki} Eboshi-sama!  Are you alright?
{Gonza} Don't touch the wound!
{Man} It's falling, it's falling!
{Man} Don't let go!
{Kouroku} Wow.
{Kouroku} The Shishigami was the bearer of life...
{Ashitaka} San, san, look around you.
{San} Even if it recovers, this place is no longer the forest of the Shishigami.
{San} The Shishigami is dead.
{Ashitaka} The Shishigami will never die.
{Ashitaka} He is both life and death itself.
{Ashitaka} He told me to survive.
{San} Ashitaka, I love you, but I cannot forgive humans.
{Ashitaka} That's fine.  You live in the forest, I will live in Tataraba.
{Ashitaka} I will come to see you from time to time, riding Yakkuru.
{Eboshi} I'm so ashamed.
{Eboshi} Being saved on the back of a Mountain Dog.
{Eboshi} I want to thank him.
{Eboshi} Someone go get Ashitaka.
{Eboshi} Everyone, let's start over.
{Eboshi} We'll make this a good village.
{Jiko-Bou} Oh man, I can't win against fools.
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	Script by: Ted "Rogue" Cooper
	Subtitled by: Matt "Armitage" Demicco
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